LowCountry Wheel Repair offers fixes for curb rashed, scratched, discolored, peeling, dull clear coated wheels. Polished and machined wheels can be repaired, but in most cases they can not be repaired back to 100% factory condition with their types of finishes, but we always make the repair unnoticeable. Chrome on the other hand can not be repaired at all without sending your wheel out of state to be repaired and re-chromed at a chroming facility which can be very costly. In this case, buying a new wheel tends to be the best route.
LowCountry Wheel Repair uses a professional service to make your wheels look like new. The wheels are repaired, primed, painted and clear-coated, and the paint is color matched using high-quality products.

Custom Wheel Colors

Repair and Customization


  • Alloy Wheel Repair
  • Complete Color Change
  • Custom Look for Lips or Centers

We work on all types of wheels for our customers. Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Trailer Wheels, RV wheels, etc... If it rolls, we have you covered. If there's any doubt about services we can provide, please fill out the Estimate Form. We'll let you know if we can't handle it or refer you to someone who can.

Wheel Refurbishment

Make your Wheels New Again with Wheel Repair

Color Change

Custom Paint for your Wheels

Want to Fix Your Wheels?

If we've peaked your interest and you'd like to get a quote on fixing your wheels back to factory condition or would like to add a new look, fill out the request form linked below.Get an Estimate

Vince revived my SRT-10 wheels with some pretty heavy curb rash. He came to me and his prices were very reasonable. I highly recommend his services - Five Star


Jason B.

2004 SRT-10 Dodge Ram